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 WHO WE ARE           

At Blair Wildlife Consulting our central principle is commitment; commitment to client, to cause, to project, to results.  Through active communication, urgency and responsiveness we work hard to develop and maintain effective relationships with clients, vendors and governing agencies.  We believe these components to be critical for project success.

Our motto, Solution Centric Scientific Services isn’t just a catchy phrase, it’s how we approach our business.  We believe providing a “tailor made” solution, no matter how robust or simple, is always the best fit method to meet a client’s needs.  We work to turn the client’s big picture into a reality, while not losing sight of the details.  From something as significant as meeting an acquisition or filing deadline to as small as closing a gate, we strive to treat every client’s property and project as if it were our own.

We are proud to be a small, local, family owned business, and have a proven track record of executing large, multifaceted projects and quick turnaround times seamlessly.  We are certified by the State of Texas as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).  We maintain all necessary professional certifications, licensing and permits to operate in our field and remain focused on the advancements and changes within the industries we serve, in order to best meet our client’s needs. 


Jenny Blair, CWB:

Jenny is a Principal and owner of Blair Wildlife Consulting, LLC and registered as a Certified Wildlife Biologist® by The Wildlife Society. She has over a decade of diverse experience as an environmental professional and project manager in the areas of environmental analysis, conservation planning, compliance, and permitting for public and private sector projects.

Jenny has a proven track record of client satisfaction for successful development, management, coordination, preparation, and completion of projects within budget and on schedule.  Her responsibilities range from assisting clients with the development of innovative solutions that meet the project’s needs, timelines, budget, constraints, and other important considerations identified by the client, through execution of all aspects of the project including, but not limited to, data gathering, field collections and assessments, data analysis and mapping, report preparation, and client and agency coordination. 

Jenny is a strong advocate for both the client and the environment.  Accomplishments of her professional career thus far include the completion of over 1,000 natural resource focused projects, including, but not limited to, assessments and surveys of wildlife species, wetlands, terrestrial habitats, and aquatic resources; with special focus on federal and state listed, candidate, or species of concern, unique terrestrial and aquatic resources, and planning and implementation services for wildlife, land, and natural resources.  She has prepared and contributed to several large-scale, multi-species Habitat Conservation Plans and Environmental Impact Statements, in addition to spearheading implementation efforts upon permit issuance. 

Her principal fields of training and experience are environmental planning and permitting of terrestrial and wetland ecosystems.  She specializes in land and natural resources management planning and implementation, endangered species surveys, assessments and permitting, Corp’s permitting assessments, delineations and compliance, disaster recovery and restoration planning, habitat and biological assessments, GIS mapping and analysis, conservation baselines and monitoring, agency consultations, public education and outreach, and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.  Jenny holds an Endangered Species Act Section 10(a)(1)(A) permit authorizing her to conduct research and recovery studies of numerous federally listed species, as well as a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department permit authorizing her to perform work on all wildlife species within Texas.  She is also an American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Environmental Professional and pre-certified by the Texas Department of Transportation for numerous environmental work categories.

She graduated from Texas State University – San Marcos in 2007 with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and chemistry minor.  While obtaining her degree, she worked as a field and laboratory technician for Texas State University’s Biology Department.  Jenny also completed and contributed to numerous research studies to include analysis of the feeding habits of the common musk turtle (Sternotherus odoratus), head pattern analysis of the Texas river cooter (Pseudemys texana), morphological and genetic comparisons of two species of cricket frogs (Acris sp.), Houston toad (Bufo houstonensis) and Cagle’s map turtle (Graptemys caglei) surveys, and numerous other research projects focusing on terrestrial and aquatic resources.


Tony Blair, CWB:

Tony is a Principal and owner of Blair Wildlife Consulting, LLC and registered as a Certified Wildlife Biologist® by The Wildlife Society.  An avid outdoorsman, having grown up in a small Texas town farming, ranching, hunting and fishing, Tony learned the values of land stewardship from a young age.  That passion and interest led him to gain a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Texas State University – San Marcos in 2007.  After college he gained a decade of experience in wetland delineation, endangered species surveying and GIS mapping while spending the bulk of his time in land, wildlife and ranch management, and nuisance wildlife conflict resolution.  Through these opportunities Tony has gained extensive experience in business administration, large team management and leadership, and business development.

In his former senior leadership positions, Tony played an integral role in the development and success of two multimillion dollar companies.  This was done through a refined focus on hiring, training, leading and mentoring the best fit members of his teams and a continuous interest in improving efficiency of process to lend better results.  In that vein, he was able to develop and demonstrate the utility of a remediation process that was the first of its kind in the wildlife mitigation industry.  This process led to the establishment and implementation of an additional service sector that not only increased employee and client safety, but also increased client satisfaction.

At BWC, Tony brings expertise in business development and administration, urban wildlife mitigation as well as land & wildlife project management and service implementation.

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